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WestBred 4699 HRWW CSO

New WestBred Variety HRWW<br />Maturity: Medium-Late<br />Excellent yield potential<br />Holds winter dormancy well<br />Excellent stand ability<br />Very good overall disease package<br />This is a CSO variety<br />Region: Central Northern, Southern<br />$29.50 CTW, $15.25 50lb bag

Westbred 4303 HRWW

Maturity: Medium-Early<br />Superior yield potential<br />Very good grazing potential<br />Excellent straw strength and stand ability<br />Excellent end use quality profile<br />Region: Central, Northwest, Southern<br />$29.50 CTW, $15.25 50lb bag

WestBred Cedar HRWW

Maturity: Early<br />Excellent yield potential<br />Excellent straw strength<br />Very good yellow (stripe) rust resistance<br />Good shatter tolerance<br />Early maturity to avoid heat<br />Good Hessian fly resistance<br />Region: Central, Southern<br />$29.50 CTW, $15.25 50lb bag

WestBred 4515 HRWW

Maturity: Medium<br />Yield potential competitive with top existing varieties<br />Superior test weight<br />Excellent straw strength<br />Excellent leaf health<br />Regions, Central, Southern<br />$29.50 CTW, $15.25 50lb bag


Maturity: Medium<br />Dual purpose or grain only system<br />High grain potential<br />Excellent forage potential<br />Semi dwarf that is considered to be awnless<br />Stripe rust resistance<br />Green bug resistance<br />Hessian fly resistance<br />Wheat streak mosaic resistance<br />$29.50 CTW, $15.25 50lb bag


Maturity: Medium Early<br />Dual purpose, good grazing<br />High grain potential<br />Excellent leaf rust resistance<br />Short stature and strong straw<br />Texas Blacklands and South Central adaptation<br />$29.50 CTW, $15.25 50lb bag<br />

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