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Seed Cleaning

Seed processing can include several steps. After harvesting, milling removes weed seed and other impurities, and cleaning improves the condition of the seed by eliminating disease, fungi or other pathogens that may interfere with the ability to germinate and grow.

Seed Treating

Seed Treatments, primarily fungicides and insecticides, are used to protect the seed from seedling plant diseases and insects. As the traits of transgenic seed varieties and hybrids becomes more valuable, it is critical to protect that investment with seed treatments.

Seed Packaging

After processing and treating are completed seeds are packaged into containers of specified new weight. Packaging or bagging is essentially the last operation in which seeds are handled.

Seed Storage

Proper storage of seed is vital to conserving its vigor and vitality. Seeds can last from a few years to centuries, depending on the species and the storage conditions. In general, most seeds stored in cool, dry conditions will survive longer than seeds stored in a wet, warm environment.

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